Rent equipment -
projectors, video panels,
plasma screens, LCD monitors,
projection & LED screens,
microphones, acoustics
notebooks, office equipment

Objectives and tasks

Our main types of activities:

1. Event organization: exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, congresses, TV and video conferences, presentations, concerts, competitions, banquets, comprehensive turnkey solutions for entertainment events.

2. All types of telecommunication services for exhibitors and participants of any events within the IEC facilities.

3. Telecommunication and information network solutions for corporations and organizations.

4. Arrangements of collective reception of TV and radio signals, guard systems, video supervision and event registration for the small, middle-sized and large objects.

**License AB No 596767 from 22.11.2011. until 22.11.2016 on installation and commissioning of network engineering, communication systems and facilities, guard systems, radio, television, information systems and electrical systems and lighting.


5. Providing solutions of such well-known producers of telecommunications systems, network equipment, TV&radio systems, and software as: SIEMENS, Cisco, Polycom, Sony, Reichle&De-Massary AG, 3COM, Watson Telecom and others.

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